Monday, May 29, 2017

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Election Ballot Municipal Primary

Louisville city elections are scheduled for Tuesday, May 2, 2017. Polls will be open from 7:00 am til 7:00 pm at the normal city polling locations. If you have any questions, please contact the Louisville City Hall at 662-773-9201 during normal business hours. The following sample ballot indicates the offices and candidates.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Concerns About Creosote Site Cleanup and Misinformation Results in Large Crowd at Louisville Aldermen Meeting

There was standing room only at the Louisville Board of Alderman's meeting on Tuesday evening,
April 18th. Rumors, misinformation and legitimate concerns about the status and the responsibilities of the EPA Superfund cleanup of the American Creosote property here in Louisville were the driving forces behind the crowd of concerned citizens.

Over the last few weeks, applications for possible restitution for damages due to contamination and health issues resulting from the long term exposure to the pollutants at the site on Railroad Avenue have been circulating among the public. This has generated the hope that some may receive monetary payments from either American Creosote or another party responsible for the contamination. Some in the community have even been charged for assistance in completing these forms.

Unfortunately, these applications are little more than a scam upon the public. The forms provided are not related to the local American Creosote site but to an EPA cleanup site in Columbus, Ms. According to EPA Community Involvement Coordinator Ronald Tolliver, financial compensation or restitution is not an option for the Louisville site. Tolliver noted that the only party responsible for the pollution and contamination was American Creosote which is now a bankrupt company and there are no assets to liquidate to pay any restitution. Tolliver clarified that the applications being circulated around Louisville were not related to the Creosote site and could not and would not result in any financial compensation.

Tolliver indicated that cleanup of the 120 acre property was complete and that the EPA is in the process of turning the property over to the City of Louisville. He said that the goal of the EPA is to make sure that the health of the public and the environment are protected.

Several citizens expressed concern about possible contamination of surrounding properties and questioned whether actual tests had been completed on these properties. Tolliver could not answer specific questions on individual properties but was able to gather additional information from property owners for further review after the meeting concluded.

From the 1930s through the 1970s, American Creosote Works operated a wood treating facility at the
site along Railroad Avenue. During wood treating operations, disposal of processing materials in two uncontrolled waste lagoons at the site led to soil and sediment contamination. In 1984, the 120 acre site was investigated by the EPA and ultimately placed on a priority list in 2001. A plan for cleanup was implemented in 2007 and the cleanup was begun and completed in 2015.

As many as 20 hazardous chemicals were determined to be contaminants to the property and a number of techniques were applied for cleanup and containment including excavation and a containment cell on the property. As part of the process, the site is monitored on a yearly basis by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and a more indepth monitoring is completed by the EPA every five years.

When asked about street openings, Mayor Will Hill indicated that Railroad Avenue (which has been closed for approximately 5 years throughout the cleanup process) would reopen but due to its poor condition, it had been included in the street repair projects currently underway in the city. “Once the road has been repaired, it will be opened” said Hill. Hill noted that since the EPA still was in the process of transferring legal title to a portion of Baremore Street to the City, there would be a delay before it could be opened.

In September of 2015 a ReUse Concept Plan for the property was filed with EPA. The four page document can be found on the EPA website by clicking here. The following text is an excerpt from that plan:

REUSE PRIORITIES The City of Louisville and community stakeholders developed a reuse plan for the ACW site in 2005. Future uses identified in the plan include: economic development, cultural heritage, ecological uses and recreation. Now that cleanup is complete, EPA Region 4 sponsored a process to update the reuse plan. During discussions in 2014-2015, the City of Lousville and Winston County Economic Development identified the following current reuse priorities. 
• Leverage access to rail trans-loading facility. 
• Identify additional economic sectors that can benefit from rail and power. 
• Maintain open space areas and related amenities for new businesses and local residents. 
• Expand parcel acquisition to create a 150-acre rail-accessible industrial park. 

You can find out more about this cleanup site and the SuperFund process at the following site:

Any Concerns About Protests at Noxapater Town Hall Fizzle

U. S. Congressman Trent Kelly was in Noxapater on Tuesday (April 18) afternoon for a local town
hall meeting. There was concern about possible protests during the event from individuals and groups outside of the community. These issues never materialized. Rumors and statements of as many as two busloads of protesters from across the state have been circulating around the community for several days but the vast majority of the crowd that numbered in the 60-70 person range were local citizens.

Even so, not all in attendance were able to enter the boardroom of Noxapater City Hall for the meeting. Filled to capacity, fire code restrictions forced 20-30 individuals to remain outside during the 2:00 pm meeting.

Kelly answered questions from a large number of the audience members and upon exiting the building also took time to answer questions from those outside. Questions ranged from local economic issues to healthcare, immigration, regulations, Syrian policy and jobs.

Concern about possible protesters, prompted city officials to ask for additional law enforcement
presence from the Winston County Sheriff.  Sheriff Jason Pugh and a number of officers were in attendance but no issues developed other than the excessive size of the crowd. Pugh said, “We’re just here if needed to head off any problems. Anytime a U.S. Congressman comes to our small county, regardless of party, we want them to know they are welcome and secure and has the opportunity to place priority on speaking to our local citizens on their concerns.”

Kelly has been making a round of town hall meetings that have included Hernando, Olive Branch, Columbus, Noxapater and Ackerman.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Re-Elect Frances Ball Alderman At Large

On May 2, when you go to the polls, I ask you to sincerely consider me. I have served our city for 20 years. During this time, we have experienced many prosperous times and some tough times. Now, we are experiencing the greatest growth in the history of Louisville. The Winston Plywood and Veneer Plant, Street paving and repair, drainage repair, renovation of Ivy and Academy Parks, the Safe Room, new traffic signals, acquisition of property and the list goes on.

This is the result of the hard work of our Board and Mayor and the resilience of our people. These accomplishments don't just happen, it takes persistence and know-how.

During my campaign, I have made a special effort to see as many of you as possible. If I missed you, please use this means to cast your vote for me. I want to say a huge "THANK YOU" for all the kindness and encouragement you have shown me. We are on the move and our future is bright. I am very committed to continuing this great work that we have started. I want to continue to make Louisville the best place to live.

Please go to the polls on May 2, and vote for Frances Ball, Alderman At Large. Thank you in advance.

These Animals Are Available At The Shelter

These lovable guys are up for adoption at the Louisville Animal Shelter located on 110 Thompson St. For more information on them or any others at the shelter, please call the shelter at 662-773-3420. These babies need a good home.

1.   Teresa: She is a female, is spayed, very sweet, She is a year or two old.
2. Kimmie : She is a female, is spayed, and is very sweet. She is about a year old.

3. Travis : He is a male, is neutered, very sweet and is 1 or 2 years old.. 

4. Bo : He is a male, is neutered, very loving, needs a good home, He is 1 or 2 years old.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Library Hosts Book Events During National Library Week

Louisville author Melissa Cobb (seated) showcasing her novels. Melissa's book event was Saturday, April 8, 2017 at the Winston County Library.

   Louisville native and Oxford attorney Mary Ann Connell's (seated in blue) book event was held Monday, April 10, 2017 at the Winston County Library to introduce her new book “An Unforeseen Life: A Memoir".

Patty Ropers Taste Testing and Book Event was held Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at the Winston County Library. Pictured below are some of the dishes served at the event. All recipes are from her new book, "Easy Entertaining with Patty Roper". Mrs. Roper is Managing Editor of Mississippi Magazine.

Starkville author Alison Buehler held a book signing for her new book "Growing The Good Life" at the Winston County Library. Thursday, April 13, 2017.

Louisville Utilities Warns of Local Phone Scam

Louisville Utilities issued the following statement concerning a phone scam:

It has come to the attention of Louisville Utilities that a phone scam has started around Louisville demanding payment for your electric bill or your services will be disconnected.  Louisville Utilities will never contact you demanding payment by phone.  Do not send them any type of payment.  If you receive this call please contact the MS Public Service Commission, Sheriff’s Office or Police Dept.

We will have more info as it becomes available.