Monday, May 29, 2017

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Decorated Pilots from WWII and Vietnam Era Meet Prior to Wings Over Winston Airshow

Vietnam era naval aviator Commander Randy "Duke" Cunningham was in Louisville on Friday preparing to attend the Wings Over Winston Airshow. Through mutual friends, Cunningham was afforded the opportunity to visit with Winston County's own aviator hero, W. Pruitt Lee, who co-piloted bombers in WWII.

Lee, who is a resident of the Winston County Nursing Home,  flew 29 bombing missions over Europe before his aircraft was shot down over Holland. He attributes his survival to the daily prayers of his wife and of his church family throughout the war years.

Commander Cunningham flew 300 missions over Vietnam as a Navy aviator and was the first of only two pilots to qualify as an "Ace" after downing five enemy aircraft.

Both men are expected to be in attendance on Saturday at the 3rd Annual "Wings Over Winston" Airshow. Gates open at 10:00 am and the show begins at 11:00 am

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Here's What You Need to Know - New 911 Addresses!!!

Postcards informing residents of upcoming changes in their 911
address have begun to arrive in mailboxes across Winston County. Any changes to something as vital as addresses can create uncertainty and turmoil and as a result, rumors and misinformation can become prevalent. WWN has reported detailed information concerning the need for and the processing of the new addressing system since 2013.

The Golden Triangle Planning and Development District (GTPDD) was awarded the contract to complete the 911 project in 2013 after obtaining a $200,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Authority (ARC). The April 2014 storm resulted in delays in the project until this year.

Information on Wings Over Winston!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tres Gondoleros Live at The Lake--Oct. 1

Live at The Lake Saturday October 1st.
Burnt Orange Studio, City of Louisville, Chamber of Commerce and Lake Tiak O'Khata proudly presents.

Comprised of Mark Goldbeck of Jefferson City, MO on piano and vocals, Fernando Alois of Caracas Venezuela on guitar and vocals, and Bubba Cheese (aka Michael Freed) of Baltimore, MD on drums and vocals. United at Mississippi State University in the early ‘90’s the trio has played throughout the southeast in various bands and combinations for nearly 25 years including Memphis’ Beale St and New Orleans’ House of Blues and Tipitinas.

Tres Gondoleros is an offshoot of their most recent collaboration, The Gondoliers, which performs as a five-piece band and has recorded the 2011 EP “On and On” and contributed original tracks to the 2012 Golden Triangle compilation “Hodgepodge” and to the 2016 compilation “After Bethel” all available on iTunes and most other online music outlets. 

Tres Gondoleros performs a variety of classic and modern rock covers as well as samples of their original works.
Buffet at 5:30pm and music starts at 6:30pm.
Live at The Lake is free to enter, so have a nice dinner at The Lake then step outside to the pavilion for some free live music. Drinks will be served.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Polo Custom Products Expanding in Louisville, Creating 30 Jobs

Local employer Polo Custom Products announced Monday a planned expansion that should bring 30 additional jobs to Louisville. With Governor Phil Bryant in attendance at the facility in Louisville, company executive Karla Clem announced a $150,000 expansion.

The plant currently employs 160 workers locally.

Clem said, "It means a great deal to our associates, to the city, to us and our customers. We’re excited to be able to commit to at least 30 jobs and have lots of opportunity for even further expansion beyond that."

Governor Bryant showed his support for the expansion and continued economic development across the state. "I want you to remember how much it means to all of us, how much it means to know that it is manufactured in America, that it is manufactured here in Mississippi so all the world will know we can continue that great tradition of manufacturing process that made America strong."

The company is the total source for original equipment manufacturers in the medical, fire and safety, government and defense and industrial markets along with products for Harley Davidson.

Monday, September 26, 2016

WMC Employee of the Month September 2016

Winston Medical Center recently awarded Lisa Luke, Respiratory Therapist with "Employee of the Month." Lisa resides in Neshoba County. She is married to Donnie Luke and they have a daughter, Ashton Luke. Lisa has been employed at Winston Medical Center for two years.

Employees are nominated based on their overall performance by his or her peers. The term "PASSIT" stands for performance, accountability, stewardship, service, and teamwork.

Here is what a few of Lisa's co-workers had to say about her:

Performance- Lisa's performance in the workplace is outstanding and exceeds far above and beyond her specific point of care. Her dedication to her job and fellow employees is truly unmatched. Her kind and gentle spirit and her willingness to help others is what sets her apart. She wants to be busy! She is committed to making Winston Medical Center the best place for their patients.

Accountability- Lisa always has a positive attitude and works well with others. She is a woman of integrity and is always aware and willing to help all departments, as well as her own, work together for a common goal, to have quality outcomes for all patients.

Service- Lisa is always ready and willing to be a servant to others. If she identifies the need she will go above and beyond her call to duty to help others, even cleaning up without being asked! She truly embodies a spirit of volunteerism.

Stewardship- Lisa is dedicated to Winston Medical Center but more importantly she is dedicated to doing everything possible to help every patient. She does not see a patient as a specific department but treats them as though she is there to help care for all patients. Lisa does her job with a smile and an honor to be a part of the Winston Medical Center team. She gladly shares her time and abilities to help other employees and departments deliver better quality care for our patients.

Integrity- Lisa is honest and strives to do what is best for her patients. She encourages others by example to do things "the right way", with integrity.

Teamwork- When Lisa is not working in Respiratory, she assist in the Emergency Room, Radiology department, and wherever else help is needed. She is there to help whether it be changing beds, cleaning floors, or assisting with patient admission. I have personally witnessed and have had several of my staff to mention Lisa very favorably. She is truly the definition of PASSIT and an example of what we would like every employee at Winston Medical Center to be like.

Winston Medical Center congratulates Lisa Luke for being our Employee of the Month.

Tabor Speaks To Winston Garden Club

Displaying P1010887.jpg

The speaker for the Winston Garden Club's September meeting was Harry Tabor. He is shown here with garden club member Brenda Tabor. Mr. Tabor spoke to the Garden Club about what's new at Legion State Park and also hummingbird migration.