Wednesday, February 20, 2013

City Joins with County in Crime Stoppers Program

The Louisville Board of Aldermen voted on Tuesday night (February 19) to have the city officially join Winston County Crime Stoppers program (WCCS).
At the regularly scheduled board meeting, aldermen heard from police chief L. M. Claiborne, Sheriff Jason Pugh
, WCCS Pres. Tom Bush and state official Trish Hall about the program.
In past years, Louisville and Winston County have been part of the Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers but issues of distance from the organization’s base in Columbus have sometimes been a limitation into the program’s effectiveness.
WCCS has been formed in the past year by local citizens and has already been approved and joined by County law enforcement. Hall indicated that the city’s participation was a “no-brainer. It makes good business sense and is a good crime fighting tool.” The crime stoppers program is funded by a two dollar assessment on fines paid across the state so there is no direct local cost for the program.
After discussion, Claiborne officially requested the city to join WCCS. The motion to do so was made by Aldermen Frances Ball and approved unanimously.
W. McCully