Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shopping Matters? Learn More with a Local Grocery Tour

What has your grocery bill been looking like lately? How about your diet – has your doctor made recommendations to cut back on salt and fat? The coalition for a Healthy Winston County is available to help teach area consumers how to make choices in their purchasing habits at the grocery store that will not only benefit their wallet but also their health.

The Shopping Matters for Adults program will actually lead a tour of an area supermarket to provide a hands on learning experience to teach families how to make better choices in their grocery purchases. From comparing unit prices, reading content labels, choosing fruit and picking whole grains over processed foods, the idea is to not only teach locals how to save money but to eat better as well.

The coalition for a Healthy Winston County was previously known as the Diabetes Coalition and is helping to be a part of the nationally sponsored program developed and funded by ConAgra and Walmart.

The tour will be held at the Louisville Walmart on Monday, February 25 and again on Wednesday, February 27. Those who are interested should register as soon as possible. For more information contact Rita Tanksley at the Winston County Extension Office at 662 – 773 – 3091. Participants can join in the $10 challenge and with wise purchases win $10 worth of groceries.

W. McCully