Friday, February 22, 2013

Welding Program at Louisville Vo-Tech Gets Boost From Community Cooperation

Dr Nola Bryant, Shelly Thomas,
Shane McDaniel, James Webb
The Louisville Vo-Tech Center was a bit busier than usual on Friday morning as school officials, economic development personnel and local business and government leaders gathered to see what combined effort can accomplish. Mike Armour, the State Program Director of the Appalachian Regional Commission
was on hand to unveil new welding equipment placed at the Vo--Tech through grant monies,matching funds and effort from ARC, Taylor Machine Works, East Central Community College, Louisville Public Schools and Winston County Economic Development Partnership.

James Webb, Vo-Tech Director and Dr. Nola Bryant with LMSD welcomed the group as instructor Shane McDaniel described the welders in place and indicated that not only high school student benefited from training on the new equipment but adults through work force training were learning new skills as well. Shelly Thomas from ECCC explained that through the training programs, adults looking for new skills were given the opportunity to take classes at night with McDaniel.

Taylor Machine Works (TMW) is a major partner in the project, providing materials and supplies as well to the program. Chuck Donald with TMW indicated that the purchased welders were identical to those used by the company and that with these additions, the Louisville Vo-Tech was the best machinery and welding Vo-Tech facility anywhere in our area.

Students displayed their skills after the event. Several young women have joined the ranks and are pursuing their welding skills as well.
Mike Armour with ARC speaks to the group
a student exhibits his skills

Welding students L to R: Kayla Langford, Deyanna Ingram,
Roxie Johnson, Leslie Jane Pickett