Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WinstonWebNews Announces Site Changes

The growth of WinstonWebNews since we began has been phenomenal - from an idea to simply fill a need by posting current obituaries and local events in a timely manner to a full fledged news and information site.
Without any significant advertising, WWN went from a few dozen page hits a day to tens of thousands when major news happens in the community. From day one, our goal has been to get the most information out to the most people in our community in a timely manner with our limited resources.

All this growth has put a strain on our site and our overall design. Our users may have noticed some changes to our site over the last few days as we begin to upgrade and streamline our pages. The obvious change is our header that is appearing recently, however we are making major changes in our layout, accessibility and design. We hope they are beneficial to our readers and include:

  • easier to read and follow layout
  • fewer page clicks to read an article if you are accessing from Facebook and Twitter
  • a feed of local events and most recent obituaries at the top of our new home page
  • a larger - more readable calendar
  • an archive of articles ***
  • and last but not least - a mobile version designed specifically for your cell phone or device
To facilitate these changes we are (at least temporarily) changing our web address to:

This allows us to upgrade without interrupting service or losing existing data. Those of you who access our site exclusively from Facebook and Twitter will notice little more than the design change. Those of you who have us bookmarked or use WWN as a homepage will be redirected from our old site to our new address in the near future. 

We are working on connectivity with Twitter and Facebook and creating an archive of older articles so they can continue to be accessed.***  

Thank You for your patience whether you are a reader or an advertiser.

W. McCully