Thursday, February 21, 2013

WinstonWebNews Requests a Moment of Your Time, Please

If you haven't noticed our changes, take a few minutes to take a look at  AND check us out on your smartphone at the same address. Our mobile version makes it quick and easy to check out the latest news, obits and events in the area. At least - Once in the morning and once at night to keep up with what's happenin' in Winston County!!

We're not a newspaper web page that asks you to wait until the next paid issue comes out to get the full article nor are we a typical web blog with an agenda to push. Here's what we do:

We cover news and info directly related to folks in Winston County - short - straightforward and to the point.   ------  we act as a news aggregate sharing news from other sources and linking the reader back to the source  ----- we repost interesting info and blurbs from reliable and official sources such as our schools and government and we integrate it all through social media like Facebook and Twitter to reach the most people in the most ways with information when they need it.

Our goal is to make Winston County the most informed and interconnected rural community in the Country. Here's how to be a part of that goal:

Encourage your government, schools, civic groups and churches to be more involved in media and promoting their services and events.

Send us event and meeting information from your civic group, organization, church. We will post it in a timely manner and often repost to reach a broader audience. You can contact us on Facebook or better yet by email at:

Advertise with us and encourage local businesses to do so as well. We do have to pay the bills..

Thanks for the opportunity and support and let us know what you think of the changes- we're still tweaking a bit.......