Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Citizens Provide a Long List of Criteria Desired in a New LMSD Superintendent

Dr. Fisher provides info on search
A small crowd of 55-60 citizens gathered on Monday evening (March 25) at the Louisville High School
Auditorium to add their input into criteria for a new Superintendent of Schools in the Louisville Municipal School District.

Dr. Harold Fisher, the Search Consultant for the Mississippi School Board Association (MSBA) provided information about the search procedure and then facilitated the comments by citizens concerning the criteria that the community is looking for in a new Superintendent. Fisher had met previously in the day with faculty, administration and Board members to gauge their criteria for the position as well.

Fisher explained the search process to the crowd indicating that upon receiving input from the community, faculty and board, MSBA would begin the advertising process which includes an announcement brochure and an employment application based upon the District's expectations. Once created, the announcement would be publicized not only across the State but on a national scale as well. Applicants would be reviewed, transcripts and references would be checked and a list of those candidates that meet the established qualifications would be forwarded to the LMSD Board. Any hiring decision would be at the discretion of the board.

Fisher indicated that this is the established procedure in Mississippi for all superintendent hirings and was designed to eliminate the political aspect of the process. He added that only the MSBA representative would know all the candidates that applied for the position.
Before opening the meeting for comments, Fisher stated that any rumors that a superintendent had already been hired to fill the position were not true and that MSBA was still in the process of establishing criteria for the position.

Multiple individuals had a long laundry list of criteria desired of a superintendent that was brought before the crowd; from broad classroom experience and a financial management background to an emphasis on healthy food and farm to school lunches, alternative teaching promotion and the ability to speak a second language. The criteria that seemed to be mentioned the most by the group was: the need to live within the district, to be accessible to the community and parents, have significant classroom experience and be a motivator of students and faculty.

Posting for the position should begin near the beginning of April and the application deadline would be five weeks after that posting.

As the meeting concluded, Dr. Fisher provided a two page questionnaire and requested that interested citizens provide their responses and concerns and forward to MSBA for evaluation. A pdf copy of this form can be printed here and mailed to the address listed. The form should be mailed to MSBA within a week to guarantee review.

55-60 attend LMSD Forum