Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Emergency Management Website Online

Winston County's Emergency Management Agency is now fully online with its new website. The site's URL is The site will provide not only contact information for local EMA but provide information on the 911 Advisory Board and area Fire Departments.

More importantly by utilizing a weblog design and integrating social media such as Facebook and Twitter, EMA Director Buddy King will have a series of valuable tools on hand to keep the public informed, not only in emergency situations but also on a regular basis for public service and informational content.

The website is only part of a recent agreement between Winston County and McCully and Associates. (McCully & Associates is the owner of WinstonWebNews). Over the next few weeks, a county government website and a site for the Sheriff's Department will come online with similar features.

While not obvious to the online viewer, the design utilized on these sites is different than traditional local government sites in several ways including a much lower initial design cost, lower hosting and maintenance costs and the direct ability to update information in real time. In cases where the need exists, such as EMA, information posted to the website can be seamlessly integrated with a Facebook and Twitter account allowing for the maximum online exposure. Winston County EMA can be found on Facebook and Twitter as @Winston County EMA.