Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Louisville Aldermen Deal with Web Issues/ MDA Funds/Asphalt Bids/Cell Tower

The Louisville City Aldermen dealt with a limited agenda on Tuesday night. In addition to normal city business, the Board approved the following:

  • approved an agreement with McCully & Associates, the parent company of WinstonWebNews to maintain and enhance the city website.
  • accepted a low bid on asphalt for the GO Bond construction project from Falcon Contracting for $88.95 per ton. The City had delayed the process due to previous quotes as high as $130/ton. City paving projects could begin as early as April.
  • approved payment to MDA ( Ms Development Authority) for $22,750 for a final loan payment for Wright Cabinets facility. This has been a long time outstanding payment required to MDA. The City will look at recourse options to recover the funds from Wright Cabinets.
  • accepted the resignation of Hubert Nicholson from the Zoning and Planning Board due to work schedule conflicts.
  • Approved an "Entry and Testing" agreement with C-Spire on two city owned sites in the SW area of Louisville for consideration of a cell tower construction. C- Spire must test and survey the properties for suitability. If either is chosen and agreed upon, a 40 year lease for the property is standard.
  • Approved a request for E911 Medical Dispatch Training Course to be held on March 18-20. Lack of this training has been a sticking point for first responder dispatch on 911 calls in the county.
The full agenda and minutes (once approved) are available in the City Clerk's Office in Louisville City Hall.

W. McCully