Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winston County to Develop Website

The Winston County Supervisors signed an agreement on Monday for the development of a county government website with McCully & Associates, the parent company of WinstonWebNews.
 The County does not have a specific website at this time and this agreement would result in a base site for all major offices in the county to provide contact and service information and separate sites for the Winston County Sheriff's Office and Emergency Management.

By using a different platform that incorporates a weblog into the sites, county officials will be able to update information vital to the public easily and in a timely manner and publish additional information such as job openings, public notices, election information, etc.

For those offices that need social media access, the design will allow for seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter to broaden public contact.

Also included in the development is an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page that will provide the public with answers to the most common questions asked of county government; from voter registration, car tags, fine payment, etc.

The site should be online within 6 weeks with further development as needed.

W. McCully