Thursday, June 13, 2013

Winston County Crime Stoppers Now Active! 662-773-9999

 The Winston County Crime Stoppers are now active. After more than a year of planning  and organizing, the local group is now actively providing resources for local law enforcement.  The Winston County Sheriff and Louisville Police Department were previously affiliated with the Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers (GTCS) , however the multi-county nature of GTCS and distance from the organization were not always beneficial to local law enforcement.

 Winston County Crime Stoppers is a local non-profit and is not a part of local law enforcement or a government agency. The  program provides a way of involving citizens by sharing their knowledge and information relating to a specific crime. 


The Crime Stoppers Program provides a method of involving you, the citizen in helping solve crimes. Through your local Crime Stoppers Program, citizens who have the knowledge relating to a specific crime are encouraged, either through civic or for monetary reasons, to come forward to law enforcement and relay that information. The Crime Stoppers Program allows any citizen that supplies information to remain totally and completely anonymous, if they so desire.We offer rewards up to $1000 for information on crimes in Louisville, Noxapater and across Winston County. All calls are anonymous and are routed to an out-of-state call center. 

If you have information on a local crime and wish to remain anonymous, call Winston County Crimestoppers at 662-773-9999. If you have questions about the program or need further information, check with the Winston County Sheriff's Office or the Louisville Police Department.