Monday, July 22, 2013

City of Louisville - Meeting Agenda - July 23

TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2013   
Regular Meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. 

I.              CALL TO ORDER
II.             INVOCATION
V.             NEW BUSINESS
A.    Jason Stewart-  discuss bike ride/rally
B.    Unclean Property: Hearing to determine if the following property is unclean

1.     512 North Church Street, owned by Earnest “Sonny” White
2.     121 Eiland Avenue, owned by 20/20 Investments
3.     121 North Hight Street, owned by Brian Stewart- in compliance
4.     314 Pontotoc Street, owned by Billy Joy H. Tucker- in compliance

C.    Unclean Property:   Time has expired to clean property
1.     101 Dawkins Street, owned by Willie Loving, cleaned by city $360.92
2.     417 Metts Street, owned by Furnia Ray Clark, cleaned by city $150.00
3.     124 Baremore, owned by Robin Goss, cleaned by city $300.00
4.     345 North Church, owned by Charlene Estes, cleaned by owner
5.     213 South Columbus Ave., owned by Barry Suber, cleaned by city $100.00
6.     102 Thompson, owned by Edgewood- not clean, give extention
7.     148 Baremore Street, owned by James Edmond, cleaned by owner
8.     347 North Church Street, owned by Prakash Agrawal- cleaned by the city $100.00
D.    Board appointment to the Historic Preservation Board for 2 positions:  Jimmy Sharp’s  and B. J. Kelleghan’s three year terms end on August 1
E.    Bids on FEMA trailers-enclosed
F.   Discuss and declare as surplus, real property owned by city, located at 532 North Street,
parcel151283301 0801800
G.    Fixed asset disposition in Fire Department-see enclosed
H.    Approve payment to APAC for $ 1,095.36 for asphalt to be paid by the G.O. Bond Construction Fund          350-600-700
I.    Authorize payment to Neel Schaffer for $6,071.79 for professional services at the Landfill, 401-204-661
J.    Approve request for Kenny Morris to attend 2013 SWANA Fall Conference in Natchez, October 15-17, $200.00 registration plus meals and lodging
K.    Approve notice for Solid Waste Collection, contract ends October 1
L.    Acknowledge Certificate of Attendance for Sue Daniels at the MS Municipal Court Clerk’s Association,     July 15-16
M.   Request for Andy Taylor and Vernon Eichelberger to be participate in the Homeland Security deployment to the Tunica Bike Rally, July 30-August 3, no expense to City of Louisville
N.    Request for Judy McLeod to attend the Community Counseling Mental Health First Aid class, registration $50.00 in July and August
O.    Approve payments to The Policy Center, total $27,584.00, in 4 quarterly installments of $6,896.00
P.    Part time position in the Fire Department- enclosed
Q.    E911 discussion


VII.           Recess to Tuesday, July 30 at 5:30