Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Redemption of Delinquent Tax Sale Property Scheduled for August 29

Property sold in 2011 for delinquent 2010 taxes will be released to the buyer on August 29, 2013 if it is not redeemed by the original owner. After that date the owner will have no recourse and a tax deed will be issued. To see the list of properties included, click the link below.

NOTICE is hereby given that the following listed real property situated in Winston County, Mississippi, and sold August 29, 2011 for delinquent 2010 taxes will on the twenty sixth day of August, 2013 mature to the purchaser of said lands unless the same are redeemed on or before August 29, 2013. Redemption can be made by paying the delinquent taxes and all penalties and interest at the Winston County Chancery Clerk's office located in the Winston County Courthouse in Louisville, Mississippi. Unless payment is made on or before August 29, 2013, said land will mature and a Tax Deed will be given to the purchaser of the same, or those not purchased at the sale will be stricken to the State of Mississippi. The name, address and legal description of said property is as follows:


This is a 24 page pdf document available for viewing or download/print