Friday, July 26, 2013

Results of Board of Alderman Meeting

The Louisville Board of Aldermen and Mayor met on Tuesday, July 23 and conducted the following business:
A. Jason Stewart- discuss bike ride/rally--Mr. Stewart was not at meeting
B. Unclean Property: Hearing to determine if the following property is unclean

1. 512 North Church Street, owned by Earnest “Sonny” White--sold & current owner has property in compliance
2. 121 Eiland Avenue, owned by 20/20 Investments--sold--extension until October 1, 2013
3. 121 North Hight Street, owned by Brian Stewart- in compliance
4. 314 Pontotoc Street, owned by Billy Joy H. Tucker- sold--extension until October 1, 2013

C. Unclean Property: Time has expired to clean property
1. 101 Dawkins Street, owned by Willie Loving, cleaned by city $360.92
2. 417 Metts Street, owned by Furnia Ray Clark, cleaned by city $150.00
3. 124 Baremore, owned by Robin Goss, cleaned by city $300.00
4. 213 South Columbus Ave., owned by Barry Suber, cleaned by city $100.00
5. 347 North Church Street, owned by Prakash Agrawal- cleaned by the city $100.00
6. 102 Thompson, owned by Edgewood- not clean, give extension until October 1,2013
Unclean properties 1-5 that were cleaned by the city--Owners will be billed.

D. Board appointment to the Historic Preservation Board for 2 positions: Jimmy Sharp’s and B. J. Kelleghan’s three year terms end on August 1--Jimmy Sharp showed interest, but B.J. Kelleghan declined.

E. Bids on FEMA trailers-enclosed--Approved sale to Frank Higgason

F. Discuss and declare as surplus, real property owned by city, located at 532 North Street,
parcel151283301 0801800--Approved

G. Fixed asset disposition in Fire Department-see enclosed--Approved disposal

H. Approved payment to APAC for $ 1,095.36 for asphalt to be paid by the G.O. Bond Construction Fund 350-600-700

I. Authorized payment to Neel Schaffer for $6,071.79 for professional services at the Landfill, 401-204-661

J. Approved request for Kenny Morris to attend 2013 SWANA Fall Conference in Natchez, October 15-17, $200.00 registration plus meals and lodging

K. Approved notice for Solid Waste Collection, contract ends October 1.

L. Acknowledge Certificate of Attendance for Sue Daniels at the MS Municipal Court Clerk’s Association, July 15-16--Approved

M. Request for Andy Taylor and Vernon Eichelberger to be participate in the Homeland Security deployment to the Tunica Bike Rally, July 30-August 3, no expense to City of Louisville--Approved

N. Request for Judy McLeod to attend the Community Counseling Mental Health First Aid class, registration $50.00 in July and August--after discussion, Judy McLeod declined to attend.

O. Approved payments to The Policy Center, total $27,584.00, in 4 quarterly installments of $6,896.00

P. Part time position in the Fire Department- enclosed

Q. E911 discussion--Draft passed out and looked over by Board--Tabled until after County Commissioner Meeting and will meet Friday, July 26, 2013.

 Recessed to Tuesday, July 30 at 5:30