Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rumors of Dog Thefts Appear Unfounded

Stories of dog thefts across Winston County appear to be nothing more than rumors. Recent reports, predominantly on Facebook, speak of traveling salemen coming to private homes in the County on the pretense of selling items (often meat sales), checking for dogs and returning at a later time to steal the animals.

Winston County Sheriff Jason Pugh indicates that his office has received numerous emails concerning this matter and that his office has investigated. After review, deputies issued several citations to transient salemen for selling in the county without a proper license and insurance but that there is no evidence that any are involved with the theft of pets across the area.

Rumors of a pair of individuals selling frozen meat products out of a van who were stealing dogs for research facilities and dog fighting rings have been circulating for more than a month. It is possible that the rumor started with a news story from a CBS affiliate in May , 2013  based in Monroe and Winston County, Alabama concerning several missing pets.