Monday, July 8, 2013

Sanders Speaks to Mayors Youth Council on College Readiness

Vice Mayor Zach Allen
Mrs. Judy Sanders
Mayor Macey Donald
On June 24th, Judy Sanders came and spoke to the Mayors Youth Council of Louisville about college readiness. Her topics varied from what to do in the ninth through twelfth grades to ACT prep tips. Such as in the ninth grade, find a career. Ask your counselor about making a course of study for that career. Also, take the PLAN test. It is a great way to prepare for the actual ACT test.
  In the tenth grade, take the PSAT test or the National Merit Test and stick with the course of study. As a junior, Mrs. Sanders recommends that students do not miss a single ACT test. Do not wait until a senior to take the test for the first time. If so, there is only two more times to take the test and have the ability to use those scores for scholarships, which are very important. As a senior, have your course of study just about completed. Also, have a major in mind for scholarship purposes. Sanders says that most seniors do not realize the number of local scholarships available to them. In order to find those, look through local clubs and organizations. One major question asked to Mrs. Sanders is "How can I raise my ACT score?" She replied, "As an educator for going on 49 years, the reason most ACT scores are low is because their reading score is low." She encourages students to read at least six books a year. And when a teacher assigns a book to be read, read the book. Watching the movie and reading the book are not the same.
    Mrs. Sanders left the council with these words of encouragement:
Ninth through twelfth grades will follow you the rest of your life. Also, get a calender; do not be stressed. Write down everything on a calender so you will not forget it. Read books they are actually interesting. Sit as close to the front of the classroom as possible. And most of all, the habits you make in high school, will be the same habits you will have in college. 
     If anyone would like to come speak to the Mayors Youth Council or would like any information about us, please contact City Hall at 662-773-9201.
Story by: Zach Allen