Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Supervisors Learn of Airport Grant and County Assessments

Winston County Supervisors received word on Monday that the Louisville/Winston County Airport had received a grant from MDOT to rebuild and repair the slope on the north end of the airport property. Heavy rains during the winter had caused the area to slide, endangering the north end of the existing runway. The grant for $289,000 should provide for dirt work and stabilization.

In other airport news, the Airport Board will rebid for a new terminal building on July 30. A new terminal building has been planned and funds set aside for a period of time, however recent bids had come in much higher than expected and the terminal plans have been modified to fit within the funds available.

Supervisors also heard from Tax Assessor Larry Woodward concerning this year’s assessed valuations. Woodward indicated that the new assessed values were a mixed bag as some property owners will see moderate increases, others will see little change or even decreases in their valuations.. He indicated that total assessed value for the County increased by more than $1.7 million which at the current mill levy would provide some additional revenue for the local taxing authorities. When final figures are available WWN will have more information.
Local property owners have until the end of July to appeal their valuations and/or assessment. Any tax appeal must be presented in writing to the Chancery Clerk prior to July 31 to be placed on the docket for the August 5 hearing before the Board of Supervisors.

In other business, Supervisors were informed by EMA Director Buddy King that recent lightning strikes had damaged three computers in the courthouse which would require replacement. He also informed the board of the required repair costs of a radio repeater in the amount of approximately $2000.

The board approved a 10 year exemption for equipment for Polo in an amount of $7030.09.

Board Attorney Hugh Hathorn informed the board of issues with Youth Court in the County. Offenders under 18 that require detention must be placed in a youth facility. Hathorn indicated that the County’s only real alternative was the Scott County facility which was often full and would only house youth for 72 hours. He cited an incident over the weekend in which there was no place to house an offender. He requested a possible shift in funds in the current budget to contract with a company to provide a house arrest option for the County. He indicated that electronic monitoring through the use of devices such as ankle bracelets would be more cost-effective and provide an aalternative when facilities were not available to house an offender. Hathorn noted that detention in a facility cost between $90-$100 per day while electronic monitoring cost between 12 and $15 per day. The Board gave approval to investigate this option further.

Full board minutes will be available on the County’s website when approved.