Sunday, July 14, 2013

Winners of Summer Library Programs

Kara Lynn Barnhill
Grand Prize Winner
Grand Prize Winner for the Summer Library Program, “Dig Into Reading”, which was a $50 gift certificate donated by Wal-Mart.

1st grade winners (left to right)
            Callie Dickerson, 3rd place (60 books)
     Bryce and Sam Nance, tied for 2nd place (61 books each)
                   Robert Hutto, 1st place (78 books)

2nd grade winners (left to right)
 Kaydence Warren, 3rd place winner (33 books)
Alexander and Alexus Smith, tied for 2nd place (48 books each)
Austin Forsythe, 1st place (112 books)
3rd grade winners (left to right)  
Victor Rush, 2nd place (70 books)
Charity Moore, 1st place (94 books)
Not pictured: Kristen Jernigan, 3rd place (55 books)

4th grade winners (left to right)
 Zatavia Ingram, 3rd place (31 books)
Hailey Simpson, 1st place (100 books)
Not pictured: Joely Garrard, 2nd place (69 books)

5th grade winners (left to right)
 Jacob Ingram, 3rd place winner (28 books)
La Misha Littleton-Lemon, 2nd place winner (37 books)
Victoria Rush, 1st place winner (80 books)


6th grade winners (left to right)
 Joseph Barnhill, 3rd place winner (7 books)
Miya Sorrells, 2nd place winner (14 books)
Seth Reed, 1st place winner (15 books)

All the prizes were made possible by a donation from the Louisville Banker’s Association.