Tuesday, September 17, 2013

LMSD Schools Show Improvement

The Mississippi Department of Education recently released letter grades for schools and districts across the state. In general, schools showed some improvement as 18 districts of the 152 in the state received grades of A compared to only 3 in the prior year. The Louisville Municipal School District received an overall grade of C but with significant variance between schools. Districts and schools are graded using a combination of the following factors:

- Quality of Distribution Index (QDI) measures performance on state tests

- Growth measures improvement on state tests by individual students

- Graduation rate measures the percentage of students who earned some type of diploma in up to 5 years.
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The above chart shows the District's rating for 2012 vs 2013 as well as ratings for each individual school. All schools showed at least a single letter grade improvement and the District as a whole improved from a D rating to a C. In spite of its' poor rating, Louisville High School had the biggest jump in QDI from 125 to 142 and a large increase in graduation rate.(Fair does not receive an individual rating but receives the same rating as Louisville Elementary)

LMSD Superintendent Ken McMullan commented on the individual schools' ratings, " We are extremely excited that Nanih Waiya hit the "A". It's a credit to the teachers, students, parents and administrators. Noxapater achieving a "B" status is very significant as well and we don't want to take anything away from Louisville Elementary and Eiland where teachers have been working really hard to achieve growth. Our trends are really looking good in our elementary schools (Louisville and Fair) Our projections indicate a QDI above 170 is a possibility."

A QDI of 166 or above would result in a "B" rating if Growth requirements are met.

McMullan indicated that it was actually difficult for a school to maintain a high rating of "A" and that Nanih Waiya and Noxapater would have to work to maintain their ratings. Noxapater's QDI of 162 did not quite meet the "B" standard but the higher graduation rate pulled the school into the  higher rating.

McMullan stated that Eiland Middle School and Louisville High were major concerns and that they were not at the rate of reading proficiency needed yet to achieve a higher rating.