Thursday, September 26, 2013

Presley Says PSC Should Oppose New EPA Coal Rules

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI (September 24, 2013) - Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley issued the following statement today concerning the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed new regulations against traditional coal-fired power plants:

"I have asked the legal staff at the Public Service Commission to begin the process to oppose the latest rounds of wild-eyed regulation coming from the Environmental Protection Agency that is aimed at raising your electric bills. If needed, I am prepared to vote to file a lawsuit against such a crazy idea as the one proposed by the EPA.

The crony capitalism of this federal proposal will only favor the EPA's pet projects while selling traditional power plants and their workers down the river. We in Mississippi are eye-witnesses to what the EPA intends for the rest of the nation. The Kemper Lignite Plant being built by Mississippi Power Company will, at latest count, cost nearly $5 billion, making it the most expensive utility project in our state’s history. Yet as Mississippi utility customers and businesses struggle to fund this plant, this EPA regulation anoints Kemper as a model power plant for the nation. It seems to me that the EPA is determined to drive up electricity costs while killing American jobs. If the Kemper project is the nation's model then the EPA should send a $5 billion check to Mississippi to pay for it!"