Sunday, September 29, 2013

Walmart and LMSD Recognize Local Teachers

Recognized Teachers Gather at LMSD Central Office
Walmart teamed up with the Louisville Municipal School District to recognize and reward teachers with their 2013 Teachers Reward Program.  The nationwide program rewards teachers for their excellence in the classroom and their students' performance on state tests.

Twenty teachers received Walmart gift cards and a reception on Thursday, September 26 at the LMSD Central Office. The program was established for teachers in grades 3-8 but the District also provided gift cards as well for an additional three teachers at the high school level for their work in the classroom.

Noxapater teachers include: Kristian Swearingen, Julie Stockton, Angel Chennault, LeAnn Boswell, Kari Halfacre, Elton Rash and Kristen Kirkland. Click here for photo

Nanih Waiya teachers include: Joyce Nance, Marlena Nance, Marsha Roeland, Melanie Watkins and Bill White  click here for photo

Eiland teachers include: Haley Bradley and Kimberly Prisock click here for photo

Louisville Elementary teachers include: Teresa Boydstun, Christy White, Cynthia Hemphill, Carin Fondren, Deborah Halfacre, Lori Matzek, Karen Pearson, Lisa Horne click here for photo

Louisville High School teacher: Carol Higginbotham  click here for photo

Teachers enjoy the reception provided by Walmart