Friday, October 18, 2013

ECCC Board of Trustees

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Serving on the East Central Community College Board of Trustees in 2013 are (first row, from left) Ricky Goldman, Philadelphia; Beverly Hart, Union; Delane Hudson, Louisville; Van Lucas and Rodney Bounds, both of Newton; Vernon Crotwell, Morton; William E. Kitchings, Carthage; and Jerry Smith (vice chairman), Philadelphia; (second row, from left) Ken McMullan of Louisville, Louisville Municipal School District Superintendent; Dr. Danny Lanier, Little Rock; Rebecca Farris, Morton; Dr. Jimmy Hollingsworth (chairman), Lake; Royce Shaw (secretary), Forest; Prentice Copeland, Philadelphia; Janie Wilbanks, Carthage; Randal Livingston, Louisville; and Annie Stowers, Forest; and (back row, from left) David Byars, Philadelphia; Tommy Dearing of Philadelphia, Neshoba County Superintendent of Education; Pat Cleveland, Conehatta; Leo Parker, Noxapater; Patrick Posey of Carthage, Leake County Superintendent of Education; Alan D. Rhea, Carthage; W. B. Jones, Walnut Grove; Bingham Moncrief of Morton, Scott County Superintendent of Education; and Patsy Clark, Louisville. Board members not pictured include Dr. Kimsey Cooper, Carthage; Edsel Cliburn, Union; J.O. Amis of Decatur, Newton County Superintendent of Education; and Jerry Nance, Louisville. Located in Decatur, ECCC serves Leake, Neshoba, Newton, Scott and Winston counties.