Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Louisville Aldermen Deal with Airport Issues, Unclean Properties, Street Repair Issues and 911 Mapping Protocol

Louisville Aldermen heard from Winston Medical Center Administrator Lee McCall in Tuesday's regularly scheduled City Government Meeting. McCall invited the City's participation in an upcoming Community Health Forum scheduled for October 15 at Lake Tiak O'Khata and provided some updates on activities with the Medical Center including clinic construction at Noxapater. Construction should be complete by November. (We will have more on the Health Forum coming up)

The Board also heard from Airport Board President Mike Forster on progress at the facility as well inform the City of the resignation of Airport Engineer Dale Coward. Forster indicated that the needs of the Airport for long term planning and engineering services would require that the Airport request bids or proposals to fill the vacated position. 

In addition, the Mayor and Aldermen took the following actions:

  • Airport: authorized the Mayor to sign Multimodal grant request #3 for $80,510.86 and upon receipt of grant funds, plus the city share of $813.24, make payments to H. E. Mosley Inc. for $72,434.65 and to Kemp Associates LLC $8,889.45 for the Runway Slope Stabilization project.
  • Airport: authorized the Mayor to sign FAA Grant work order #6 to contract with Kemp Associates LLC for professional services during the construction phase of the Terminal Building project
  • Airport: Authorized the Mayor to sign the agreement with MDOT for the AIP Project 3-28-0043-013-2013 for $36,697.00 which is ½ of the local share on the project to construct the terminal building, install electronic gates and improve access road.
  • Unclean Properties:
  • Edgewood/ Jermese Hathorn, 102 Thompson Street, 151282802 0402301, - Ownership has changed - allowed til November 5th to clean the property
  • 20/20 Investments, 121 Eiland Avenue, 141220301 0400500,- Property has been cleaned.
  • Billie Joy Harrell Tucker, 314 Pontotoc Street, 151282704 0300300,  - Rent to own owner given til November 5 to clean property.
  • Lillie Welch property, located at 323 Vance Street, 151283304 0104103 Has failed to contact City - must be cleaned up by November 5th or City will clean and bill.

  • Authorized payment of the Docket of Claims for September bills $ 135,339.89 #8816-9073
  • Authorized payment to Watkins, Ward and Stafford for the 2011-2012 annual audit for $17,500.00
  • Reviewed or completed the following End of Year requirements:
  • Municipal Compliance Questionnaire
  • Void checks list
  • Uncollected accounts list for Landfill, Taxes, and Privilege as of 9-30-13

  • Set public hearing for October 14 at 10:00 for USDA Community Facility Grant to purchase vehicles in the 2013-2014 budget year.
  • Acknowledged Certificate of Attendance for Sue Daniels attendance at Municipal Court Clerk Seminar and Professional Judicial Development on Sept. 10-13, 2013
  • Authorized Sue Daniels to attend the Court Clerks Leadership Conference on November 6-8 in Gulfport, at the Mariott, at no cost to city
  • Authorized training and travel $240.38 for Brian Collier to attend the Fire Academy 9/9-9/19
  • Accepted resignation of Police Officer Chad Williams effective 9-18-13
  • Hired David Gladney as a Reserve Police Officer, at $9.00 per hour, effective immediately
  • Acknowledged and accept the funding of the DUI Enforcement Grant
  • Authorized annual payment to Wels Fargo for Fire truck for $22,312.54 and add the payment to the checks on demand list.
  • Approved request for Chief L.M. Claiborne, Tonya McWhirter and Se Daniles to attend a Care Lodge Domestic Violance Seminar on October 22  in Meridian.
The Board postponed further discussion on changes at the City Cemetary, the hiring  of a new City Clerk Assistant (til interviews are complete) and the Fire Chief position.

In addition the Board brought several unclean properties to the attention of City personnel, continued to discuss the issue of utility companies doing improper repair to recently overlayed streets within the City. The matter has been an issue for a period of time and the question of cost and who is properly equipped to make the repairs continues to remain unresolved.

The Board also adopted a motion to continue to maintain the monument at Main and Columbus as the center point for all 911 mapping. The Board also received street name lists to review for spelling errors. Golden Triangle Planning and Development had recently suggested a major overhaul in the method of street numbering that would have entailed major chnages for almost all property owners. The above motion, effective keeps the numbering system as it is currently.