Friday, October 18, 2013

Louisville Officials Approve New Fire Chief/Asst. City Clerk/Police Officer

The Louisville Board of Aldermen and Mayor made several employee decisions in addition to normal business items on the agenda on Tuesday including the hiring of a new fire chief, new assistant city clerk and a new police officer. WWN has previously reported on the hiring of Jonnie Roy Haynes as the new fire chief. The Board's agenda included the following items:

A. Approved Todd McCullough request to attend Commercial Pesticide Applicator Program, in Verona, November 12, 2013. $40 registration

B. Approved Budget amendments for 2012-2013 budget year

C. Discussed Interlocal Agreement of E911--No action at this time

D. Approved Hire of new Police Officer Ty Harden

E. Approved Fire Chief Recommendation of Johnny Roy Haynes

F. Approved City Clerk Assistant Recommendation of Kay Crowson
G. Discussed Cemetery--No action at this time

H. Received an update on progress at Natron Wood Products. Electrical work began this week.

Additions to the agenda included:

1. Adopted a resolution authorizing Golden Triangle Planning and Development to prepare and submit the Rural Development Application for four new police cars and one truck, and authorizing the Mayor to sign all documents for the grant
2. Approved Minutes and attach Roster of Attendance of the Public Hearing held for the Rural Development Grant application process

3. Authorized $1,000.00 Annual Match to Golden Triangle Planning and Development for the 2013- 2014 Year