Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Doors of Hope Center Volunteers Serve Many Before Thanksgiving

One of the longest working volunteers, along with Sharon Mays, is Helen Harrington (R) who has been with the center since its inception
in Louisville, MS May 2005,. Helen stated, “Helping others is great and we are doing the will of the Lord by helping others.”
The Doors of Hope Center, which is under the umbrella of the Peace and Love ministries, was thankful for the ‘love offerings’ received from the residents of Winston County via Cash Saver, Vowell’s Market Place and Walmart. Walmart gives food to the Doors of Hope Center regularly while; Cash
Saver and Vowell’s are presently participating in The ‘Hunger Knows No Season’ promotion. They are preparing bags with nonperishable foods and customers purchase them for $5. per bag. The bags are donated to the local food pantries. Rev. Lorene Guyse is elated for this unexpected ‘love offering’.

The Doors of Hope Center is located at Holy Ghost Temple Church, 128 Hill Street, Louisville, MS 39339. She stated, “I want to thank Walmart, Vowell’s Supermarket and Cash Saver for all they have done to help those who are in need. I am now able to give out food before the Thanksgiving Holiday which is a blessing to my clients.” Rev. Guyse called the volunteers to come in early last week to get the food out in time for Thanksgiving. She wants the volunteers to get recognition for all the work they do at the Doors of Hope Center.

Door of Hope Center is dependent on volunteers to help get the food to the people. There are no paid workers and the volunteers are not allowed to get food. Rev Guyse stated, “I would like to thank all of the volunteers that have been very faithful to the center – especially - Gwendolyn and Shirley Eichelberger, Jr., Maurice Eiland, Helen Harrington, Vera Jernigan, Katie Jones, Sharon Mays, Elder Richard and Sandra Moncrief, Tina Patty, Tommy Jernigan, Shirley Paty and Lawrence Rayford.” They pick up the food as far away as Kosciusko and Jackson, MS. Shirley Eichelberger has been the main driver to pick up food from these two locations for 5 years. Elder Richard Moncrief, Tyrone Jones, Maurice Jones and Lawrence Rayford have helped to pick up food for several years.

When asked about volunteering, Vera Jernigan stated, “I have been with the program for 2 years. I came to get food for my family and I watched Rev. Guyse work. I have never seen a more dedicated person who gives so much of herself. Her dedication inspired me and I became a volunteer. You can see God working through her. You can’t be around her without becoming more spiritual. We need more people to help by making donations. Now that food stamps have been cut, this program is going to really be needed more.” Vera has 6 children, 15 grandchildren and 5 great children and is a member of Miller’s Chapel Church.

Pinky Slater has been with the Doors f Hope Center for over 4 years. She said, “How many people are going to work for free? We do. If you say you represent Jesus, it is your job to help one another and that is why I volunteer. This program feeds a lot of people. It is a necessary program. I pray that more churches and people in the community will make donations.” Pinky moved to Louisville from Chicago 15 years ago. She has one son and 10 grandchildren.

Another volunteer, Katie Jones has been a volunteer for over 2 years. She was convinced by her friend Vera Jernigan to volunteer. She stated, “It has lifted my spirit. I love volunteering. When she (Rev. Guyse) calls, I try to make myself available. I have seen how prayers and actions that Rev. Guyse takes works here. There have been times when we were very low on food to give people and suddenly food and donations will come in. For some of our people this is the only food they have in their homes sometimes.” Katie is also a member of Miller Chapel Church. She has 8 children, 32 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

Gwen Eichelberger leaves her 3rd shift job at the casino and comes to Doors of Hope Center to help with the records. They have to be constantly updated. This is quite a job as many clients change telephone numbers often or has disconnected phones due to their financial circumstances. Accurate record keeping is very important because the food from Walmart comes from Feeding the Hunger of America and once per month food comes from the Mississippi Network which requires that reports be submitted. Gwen is gratefully appreciated for the record keeping and for helping with phone calls.

Rev. Guyes wishes to thank Rev. Charlie Davis and the Friendship Baptist Church, Ackerman, MS; Rev. Walter Dean and the Abounding in Christ Love Ministries, Dolton, IL; Rev. Lee Mark Taylor; Elder Richard Moncrief and family; Toni Smith of Detroit, MI; Brenda Thomas and Diane Pace. The above mentioned people and churches send monthly donations to the Doors of Hope Center. “Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful for the volunteers who help me to keep the Doors of Hope Center opened. Thank you volunteers.” 

By Elmetra Patterson
Volunteer record keeper, Gwen Eichelberger
L to R: Tyrekes (7th grade), Bobby (8th grade) and father Dewayne Smith get food.
Victoria and Victor Rash receives food from Helen Harrington
Patricia Rash and Sister Linda Triplett visits the center while Patricia gets food
Joyce Sheppard receiving food from volunteer Helen Harrington

L to R: volunteers Vera Jernigan, Pinky Slater and Katie Jones prepares for packing bags.

 (All photos courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)