Sunday, November 24, 2013

Louisville Aldermen Meeting Info

The Louisville Aldermen and Mayor met in a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, November 19. Here are the highlights:

Dealt with a number of unclean properties:

  • Owned by Edgewood at 102 Thompson Street, 151282802 0402301, gave until Nov. 1 to clean property, property has now been sold and is in compliance--Approved to remove from list
  • Owned by Billie Joy Harrell Tucker at 314 Pontotoc Street, 151282704 0300300, gave until Nov. 1st, property is in compliance--Approved to remove from list
  • Owned by Lillie Welch, located at 323 Vance Street, 151283304 0104103, gave owner until Nov. 1, city proceeded to clean, other action needed to complete process--Tabled until next meeting
  • Authorized payment of $ 1,666.68 to APAC MS for cold mix for city streets, to be paid from the G O Bond Construction Fund 350-600-700
  • Authorized payment of $ 249,012. to Vance Brothers for Microsurfacing city streets, to be paid from the G O Bond Construction Fund 350-600-700
  • Authorized Mayor to sign cash requisition for CDBG funds $6,216.91 and authorize payment to King Constructors for roof repair on the Polo
  • Authorized payment to Jayroe’s Body Shop for $2,491.80 repair on Car 4 which was wrecked
  • Transfer $12,500.00 from General Government to E911 for GIS Mapping project ( County paid $25,000 and city paid $12,500 on 9-5-13)--Approved
  • Fixed Asset Disposition-handout at meeting--Tabled til next meeting
  • Discussed  Insurance Agreement and Renewals--
  • Approved request for Willie Ball, Constance Crosby, Ronnie Graham, Randall Kelly, Charlie Miller, Charles Rook, and Harry Owens to attend MAG Law Enforcement Training in Starkville on December 3, 2013, no registration fee
  • Approved request for Andy Taylor to attend the MS Assoc. of Chiefs of Police Winter Conference in Tupelo on December 8-12, $425.00 registration plus meals and lodging
  • Approved request for Leslie Loving to attend the Thomas Leadership Consultants’ Administrative Clerical Training at Lake Tiak Okata on January 30, 2014, registration is $150.00
  • Approved request by Fire Chief Johnnie Haynes for Robert Hutto to order training materials $365.70 for class to be held in Louisville Fire Dept.
  • Discussed Cemetery changes--Alderman to review ordinance and address next meeting
  • Notice of Board Appointment to Louisville Housing Authority - Willie Dean Miller’s term expires January 1st, 2013
  • Thanksgiving Holidays and Christmas Holidays-- Thanksgiving Holiday November 28 & 29--Trash pick for Thursday will be picked up Wednesday. Christmas Holiday December 24 & 25
  • Schedule Christmas Party-- Will be December 17
  • Cancel December 17 Board meeting--Will have only one meeting in December on the 3rd

Additions to Agenda

1. Authorized the Mayor to sign the Airport Grant Application for 2014 FAA grant funds to pave access road to Terminal Building and associated parking area, update airport layout plan,obstruction removal runway 35 approach, crack sealing and coal tar rejuvenation of runway and ramp areas. Total project $388,382.55, request from FAA $349,544.30.

2. Approved E911 training, Emergency Medical Dispatch Course, for Patricia Dempsey, Rashonda Dotson, and Eddy Bradford to attend in Louisville on November 25,26,27, at cost of $350 each, which is reimbursable.

3. Authorized payment to Julie Cunningham, Chancery Clerk for $787.00 for recording fees.

4. Note for Louisville Railcar and other business--Tabled until next meeting

5. Discuss Street names--Mayor handed out list of all street names for city and asked each Alderman to look over list and makeany changes needed before next meeting.