Friday, November 1, 2013

Teen Fear Factor a Hit at Winston Co. Library

The Winston County Library Splash Teen Group recently held their 2nd annual Teen Fear Factor
program at the library (October 22). Twelve teens participated and about 30 others watched the shenanigans. They were divided into teams of two and competed in events such as drinking a concoction
of pureed bananas, vegetable soup, beets, orange juice and pear apple sauce; eating pickled pigs feet and pickled pigs lips; fed each other baby food while blindfolded (not easy to do and very messy!). Other fun activities were: one partner sat with an empty cup on their head while the other partner, who was blindfolded, had to pour cold water into the cup without touching the other person or their chair. In the picture shown here, two coins are hidden in plates of spaghetti, cherry pie filling, vinegar and ketchup. They had to push the spaghetti mixture around with their noses, find the coins and push them off the plate – while blindfolded. Everyone had a blast and said they couldn’t wait until next year.
The two winning teams were (l-r) Preston Chase,
Elesha Geter, Harley Doster and Jamiya Smith.