Saturday, December 7, 2013

Beer License Application in Nanih Waiya Creates Questions

In their December 2nd meeting, Winston County Supervisors were notified of a beer license application for Warrior One Stop in the Nanih Waiya community . The license is for the sale of beer in the restaurant on the premises and not for retail sales. The property in question is located near the Nanih Waiya Attendance Center. The sale of alcohol must be in a property located at least 500 feet away from the main entrance of a school or church. There's a question concerning the legal requirement in this case as the distance from the main entrance of the restaurant to the existing main entrance of the school is at or near this 500 foot limit .

 In previous action in November, the Louisville Municipal School Board authorized the district's superintendent to move the main entrance of the school from its current location to another entrance nearer the north west corner of the property.The new entrance would be well within the 500 requirement which would disallow the application.

 LMSD indicated that one of the reasons for the move is that it would allow improvement in the classroom situation. The change would create a classroom for a TAG teacher that is currently teaching out of a converted office. The change would also place the main building entrance nearer to the main entrance of the campus for easier pickup of students.

In addition to the distance requirement, to be issued a license for consumption on the premises,  the applicant must show that 75 percent of their sales are from food and provide detailed sales information concerning this on a quarterly basis to the County Tax Assessor. The applicant is also required to provide an appraisal of the property and provide proper insurance. 

After discussion, the Supervisors indicated that once all other criteria was met, the Sheriff's Office should take action to determine the exact measurement from main door of the property to the main door of the school. 

Construction to make the changes at the school are currently underway and should be completed soon.It is believed that once the main entrance of the school is moved, it will be well within 500 feet of the property requesting the permit. There is some legal question involved if the beer permit is issued prior to the school's actual change in the main entrance of its facility.