Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Citizens Speak Out at Cable Public Hearing

Representatives of Metrocast met with local citizens in a public hearing on Tuesday morning at 10 a.m.
The hearing concerned the proposed agreement by ordinance for 10 years with the City of Louisville for non exclusive franchise renewal. The agreement would allow MetroCast to maintain, operate and construct the existing cable system within the City.

A small group of citizens asked questions concerning service and local presence. Many expressed dissatisfaction with the loss of a local presence when MetroCast purchased Mediacom in 2012. The sale resulted in the closing of the local office on South Columbus Ave. and the loss of several jobs.

Rick Ferrall of MetroCast indicated that the company regretted the closing of the office but it was a business decision . He indicated that arrangements have been made for customers to pay with cash for cable services at the local Walmart and that almost all other business with MetroCast could be conducted by phone.

Several citizens had specific concerns about individual problems and also about programming. Ferrall indicated that due to current regulations and the required bundling by content providers it was not possible for MetroCast to purchase individual channels.

Ferrall indicated that since the purchase of Mediacom, they had invested more than a million dollars in equipment in the area.

The non-exclusive franchise agreement with the City of Louisville is a renewal of the existing agreement and will be for 10 years. In Tuesday night's City Board meeting, Louisville Aldermen approved the contract after some discussion.