Thursday, December 5, 2013

Results of City of Louisville Alderman Meeting

In Tuesday night's (Dec 3) meeting agenda, city officials received an update from Beth Edwards of the Winston County  Library on library activity and usage. Edwards indicated that an average of 7000 people utilized the facility on a monthly basis. She also noted that the usage of E-Books was increasing as availability improved.

The Board also heard from Airport Board President Mike Forster concerning the agreement with Clearwater Consulting to serve as Airport Engineer/Consultant. The Board approved the hire for a 5 year contract term.

The following is a summary of Tuesday's activities:

A. Library Report:  Beth Edwards
B. Airport:  Approved agreement with Engineer/Consultant for Louisville-Winston County Airport
C. Airport:  Authorized payments to Davidson Hauling for $18,633.24 and to Kemp Associates LLC for $1,753.69, and Louisville Utilities $11,331.00 upon the receipt of FAA funds and with city funds for grant AIP 3280043013-2013 Terminal Building project for a total of $31,717.93
D. Natron:  Accepted recommendation of Calvert-Spradling Engineers to accept Triplett Electric as the low bidder on the Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (Material only) at Natron for $485,080.00, and Authorized the Mayor to sign the Notice of Award
E. Natron:  Authorized the Mayor to sign request for cash for $606,663.02.00 for Natron Project, and upon the same order to make payments to Southern Electric for  $559,713.02, Howard Industries for $27,855.00  and to Irby Electric for $4,495.00, Sample Hicks Associates for $10,400.00, and Calvert Spradling Engineers for $4,200.00
F. Polo:  Authorized the Mayor to sign request for cash for $14,966.91 for Polo a/c repair, and make payments to Century Heating and Cooling, Inc. for $8,750.00 and King Constructors for $6,216.91
G. Transload:  Authorized the payment of $26,411.77 for the note with the Winston County Economic Development District for Transload project.
H. Authorized payment of Docket of Claims for November bills $106,085.49-  enclosed
I.  Authorized payment of $52,140.00 to J.C. Cheek Contractors Inc. for traffic striping to be paid from the G O Bond Construction Fund.
J.  Approved appointment of Willie Dean Miller to Housing Authority Board
K. Approved agreement with MetroCast
L. Approved agreement with BBI, Inc. for annual renewal of $15,270.00 for software and hardware systems
M. Approved revised Cemetery Ordinance
N. Adopted corrected Street Names for E911 Mapping Project-enclosed
O. Approved disposition of fixed assets –list enclosed
P. Authorized registration and travel allowance for Mayor , Aldermen, and Attorney to attend Mid-Winter Conference on January 28,29,30 in Jackson
Q. Approved request from Fire Chief Johnny Haynes for Brian Collier, Robert Hutto, Detrick Sanders, Mike Towne and Johnny Haynes to attend the Thomas Leadership Consultants Supervisory Series on Supporting Change in Louisville, at a date to be announced, total cost $450
R. Approved request from Fire Chief Haynes to give notice of a full time fireman position
S. Was briefed by Police Chief L.M. Claiborne on spike in property crimes and recent arrest.
T. Approved a 911 agreement to be forwarded to the County in good faith effort to reach an interlocal agreement.