Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sentence Handed Down for Brown and Glass in School Vandalism

Vernon L. Brown Jr. and Hunter R.Glass appeared in Circuit Court before Judge Morgan in a Winston County courtroom on Wednesday, December 11,2013 for sentencing on 8 felony counts.

Brown and Glass were arrested almost immediately in February, 2013 for the vandalism and theft that occurred at Winston Academy in Louisville on February 16. Extensive damage was done to multiple buildings and classrooms at the school as well as the theft of a number of items including computers. Both men pled guilty in the same courtroom on November 20.

Each defendant received the following sentences:

5 counts of Burglary of a building other than dwelling - 7 years for each count
1 count of automobile burglary  - 7 years
1 count of malicious mischief  - 5 years
1 count grand larceny  - 10 years

Required to pay restitution in the amount of $10,000 to Winston Academy and the Insurance Carrier and court costs.

Brown and Glass will receive credit for time served and some sentences run concurrent or are subject to early parole.