Thursday, January 9, 2014

Actions Taken in Louisville Aldermen Meeting

The City of Louisville Aldermen met in their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 7. The following are the actions taken:
  • Signed a proclamation for a Purple Heart Community -enclosed
  • Airport:  Authorized payments to Davidson Hauling for $84,240.26 ($93,600.28 less retainage) and to Kemp Associates LLC for $4,065.21 upon the receipt of FAA funds and with city funds for grant AIP 3280043013-2013 Terminal Building project for a total of $88,305.47
  • Approved payment upon receipt of funds for continued work at the Natron facility. The Mayor provided an update on the progress at the property indicating that the electrical work was near completion and had been delayed due to a delay in equipment. Mayor Hill indicated that parts of the mill would be operable once the electrical updates come online and that all parts had been delivered from mills in Louisiana and Arkansas.
  • Authorized payment to Butler Snow for $599.50 for professional services on HB 1595 DOJ approval on the motel tax 001-097-615
  • Authorized payment to Neel Shaffer for $5,300.00 for semi-annual groundwater testing at the landfill account 401-204-661
  • Authorized payment of $13,859.50 to J.C. Cheek Contractors Inc. for traffic striping to be paid from the G O Bond Construction Fund 350-600-700  
  • Authorized payment of Docket of Claims for December bills $ 116,154.67-  enclosed
  •   Unclean Property 
  • Lillie Welch, 151283304 0104100,   Adopted resolution adjudicating $470.78 as lien on property at 323 Vance Street which was cleaned by the city.
  • Percy Ransom, 151252104 0200700, Set hearing for February 4 to determine if property at 407 Airport Road is unclean or unsafe.
  •   Approved request for E911 training for Kayla Rogers and Vera McCarty to attend Jan 28/29 at MSU
  •   Acknowledged Dare Officer training for Tonya McWhirter attending Jan.6-16, 2014 in Bessemer, Al
  • E911 Interlocal Agreement
  • Approved request from Fire Chief Haynes to give notice of a full time fireman position. 
  • Approved request to hire Chester Dawkins as a full time fireman.
  • Approved request to add two new volunteer firemen: Charles Mays and Billy Moore. Alderwoman Gwenita Mays recused herself from this vote for personal reasons.
  • Agreed to hire Kevin Humphries as a full time position in the Cemetery Department
  • Declared as surplus and give notice of surplus property on Kennedy Street- this property is a small lot of little or no value to the city.
Additional matters discussed or ruled on include:
  • the removal of a fence along the Memorial Garden Cemetery and Armstrong Street - approved. 
  • Concerns by Aldermen concerning the interlocal 911 agreement and progress in its completion.
  • the status of an updated zoning map and 911 mapping.
  • concerns about the practices and regulation of bondsmen in City Court
  • concerns about  non- emergency calls and children calling 911 and the possible interference with emergency calls.