Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bitter Cold Expected Over Next 3 Days

At 7:30 pm on Sunday, temperatures continue to drop as the rain moves out of our immediate area. Lows tonight are expected to reach the mid teens with very little warm up tomorrow. Projected highs are only in the low 20's on Monday. The coldest temperatures are projected for Monday nights with estimated lows ranging from 5 to 9 degreees.

Tuesday will be slightly warmer with highs in the mid to upper 20's and lows on Tuesday night in the mid teens. A warm up should begin on Wednesday with highs in the 40's.

The extended period of time with below freezing temperatures is unusual for our area and folks should take precautions with water lines, pets and livestocks. Be sure to check on the elderly or vulnerable neighbors.

At this time there are no reports of any school closings in Winston County. We will keep you posted. If you are aware of any closings in the community or you are responsible for any decisions on closings due to weather, please contact WWN at or message us on Facebook.