Thursday, February 20, 2014

Name Confusion Creates Headaches for Winston County Sheriff and Local Business

Name recognition can be a wonderful tool for a business or even a public official but when a name is wrongly
Pugh's Bail Bonding is based in
Laurel, Ms. and is not associated with
the Winston County Sheriff or his office
associated between the two, all kinds of problems can result as Sheriff Jason Pugh has recently discovered.

Pugh has been fielding questions and calls from the public concerning a bail bonds company with the same name. Pugh's Bail Bonding located on West Main in Louisville is a new business in the area and has no association with the Winston County Sheriff. The bonding company is based in Laurel, Ms and is locally managed by Katrina Combest.

Combest has also indicated that her office has fielded multiple calls asking for the Sheriff or commenting on ownership.

Bails Bondsmen are licensed by the state and approved by the local circuit court. Once approved, these companies are included in a list made available to those incarcerated. Law enforcement officials are not allowed to own or work for bail bonds companies.

"I understand the confusion since my last name is not common," said Sheriff Pugh. " But it is important for the public to know that I do not and have never had any affiliation with this company." We also don't recommend one service over another. An individual is provided a list of licensed bondsmen when needed."

Sheriff Pugh and Combest hope that informing the public will help alleviate some of the questions and misconception.