Monday, February 10, 2014

Weather Cancellations

WWN will keep a running list of closures and postponements due to the weather in the area. Check back often for updates. Here is our list at this time:

  • Winston County Library will open at 9 am on Tuesday
  • Grace Christian School will be closed Tuesday
  • All LMSD  Schools closed on Tuesday - includes all Louisville schools, Noxapater and Nanih Waiya
  • Winston County Head Start - closed Tuesday
  • Louisville City Hall - closed Tuesday
  • Winston County Courthouse - closed Tuesday
  • Polo Custom Products - closed Tuesday
  • First Baptist Church DayCare - closed Tuesday
  • Choctaw County Schools
  • Miss University for Women.. closed Tuesday
  • EMCC campuses  - closed Tuesday
  • Taylor Machine - 1st shift will not report on Tuesday..2nd shift reports at 2:30pm and office personnel will report at 10:00 am
  • County garbage pickup cancelled for Tuesday - one day delay until further notice
  • City Garbage pickup will maintain its regular schedule (reported incorrectly previously)
  • BJ's Grill - closed Tuesday
  • Donna's Day Care - closed Tuesday
  • First Methodist Kindergarten - closed Tuesday
  • Tot Spot will be closed on Tuesday
  • Main Street Medical will be closed Tuesday
  • Louisville Medical Associates will be closed Tuesday
  • Winston Academy will be closed on Tuesday - no classes
  • Choctaw County Schools closed on Tuesday - no classes 
  • Mississippi State University Campus closed on Tuesday - no classes
  • Red Hills Senior Citizens Meeting - canceled
  • Nanih Waiya Basketball – Tuesday night – moved to Thursday night
  • Cornerstone Clinic closed on Tuesday
  • Open House at WinstonWebNews scheduled for Tuesday has been rescheduled to Thursday, Feb 13 at 10:30 am
  • Railroad Overpass in Louisville will close once weather conditions dictate
  • Choctaw Tribal Schools and Offices - closed Tuesday
NO determination yet on LMSD School Board Meeting scheduled for 5:30 pm on Tuesday

ECCC campus is open on Tuesday