Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winston Co Supervisors Briefed on Voter ID and County Litigation

The Winston County Board of Supervisors met on Monday, February 18 with a full agenda. Voter ID was a major topic as Angie McGinnis, the regional coordinator for voter ID from the Secretary of State's Office spoke to the Board. McGinnis encouraged the board to help identify individuals in Winston County who were in need of a photo voter ID. “We want people to know the requirements and not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when they show up at the polls.” said McGinnis.

McGinnis gave the board an overview of the photo ID requirements. These requirements are posted on the County’s website at http://www.winstonms.com and will also be available on Winston Web News.

Board attorney Hugh Hathorn and E M A director, Buddy King briefed the board on the status of the E 911 agreement with the City of Louisville. Hathorn indicated that a draft has been presented to the Mayor and it is hoped that all details will be worked out by the next board meeting. Winston County 911 is operated under an interlocal agreement between the County and the City of Louisville.

EMA director Buddy King also informed the board of the legislative status concerning the County’s participation in a statewide radio system. The County has interest in participating in the statewide system but has concerns about possible user fees defined at the state level that may make the cost prohibitive for the County. Winston County is one of several jurisdictions seeking a legislative change in the wording of such an agreement.

In other action, the board appointed Judy Post as a new library board member replacing Pat Fuller, approved several demand checks for different departments, corrected an erroneous sale involving the 16th section lease, reversed a Homestead chargeback, approved 16th section leases and tabled a decision on an IBM service agreement for the County’s AS400 computer until further information could be provided.

Warden Neal Higgason brought several personnel issues before the board including one to be conducted in an executive session and also discussed a policy issue.

Sheriff Jason Pugh and Chief Deputy Keith Alexander discussed a wrecker bill concerning an abandoned 4wheeler, the use of new computers recently made available to the Sheriff’s Department and informed the board concerning an individual who was caught and ticketed for dumping in the Antioch area.

Before entering into an executive session, County Attorney Hugh Hathorn gave the board a brief summary of litigation involving the County over the last two years. Hathorn indicated that the County had been party to nine different lawsuits and that this was unfortunately the hazard of being a public official. Of those nine suits, five have been dismissed, one has been settled and three are pending. Some of these lawsuits are a result of the County’s ownership of a correctional facility. Some have been trivial in nature including a lawsuit over postage, while others have related to inmate health.

Five of the nine lawsuits have been handled in-house and four of these have been dismissed with one pending. Four cases have been turned over to outside counsel. One of these has been settled, onehas been dismissed and two are pending.

Once approved, the minutes of Monday’s meeting will be available on the County’s website.