Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Signing - April 26 - Drama, Thrills, And Faith From New Novel

Drama, Thrills, And Faith From New Novel:

The Winston County Library will host West Point author, Claire Spradling, as she gives a book talk and book signing on her new Christian fiction novel, Duress. Claire worked for many years at Winston Medical Center and Nursing Home and at Tri-County Nursing Home as a Dietitian. She will be at the library on Saturday, April 26 from 10:00 am til 12:00.

Within the pages of Claire Spradling's new book, Duress, readers will be drawn to an entertaining story of psychotic crime and drama. A main character discovers that alarm systems, law enforcement and family can't guarantee protection and safety. The author's objective is to remind readers that when faced with danger or adversity, one may ask God to intervene.

"Characters confront a rehabilitated schizophrenic who hears voices and holds a kind-hearted woman under duress, which tests her faith and determination," states the author. "Individuals respond differently to difficulties. The woman in distress calls on a higher power than the authorities to rescue her."
Claire Spradling was a foods’ editor, a party caterer, and a Registered Dietitian in hospitals and nursing homes. She shares her love of cooking and tennis by teaching classes to adults and children. God, family, home, church and friends are important in her life. Claire has a positive, never-give-up attitude that spills over into everything she does. She lives in West Point, Mississsippi, with her husband, Stanley. She is a member of the Mississippi Writers Guild.