Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Disasters Sometimes Brings Fraud/Crime

There are always those who take advantage in times of disaster or emergency. Local officials would like to warn citizens across Louisville and Winston County of the following info:
  • Curfew across the County and City is 9 pm til 6 am until further notice.
  • Devastated areas will be heavily patrolled to prevent looting.
  • Removing debris from the property of another without their permission is not legal- even if your intentions are honorable. Get permission or face a felony charge. Two arrests have been made under these circumstances.
  • Use caution in the donation of funds. The official local relief fund is 
Winston Community Development Disaster Relief Fund
Mail to:
Renasant Bank
P.O. Box 389
Louisville, Ms. 39339
  •  You can also make financial donations to Red Cross and Salvation Army and indicate "For Winston CountyRelief"