Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Latest Info on Tornado Damage and Relief Efforts

Like many of you, we at WinstonWebNews have been dramatically impacted by the events on Monday. While our office suffered no damage, we lost our internet connectivity and cell phone coverage was poor which limited our posting abilities.

We were able to get some information out during and after the storm and we hope we were able to help in some way. Things are slowly getting better.

Here a brief and unofficial run down of information- some may be subject to change or correction:

  • There are 9 confirmed fatalities as of 6 pm on Tuesday. Search and rescue is still ongoing in some areas
  • A hard count of properties damaged or destroyed is not available but is projected  to be well over 300 residences and commercial properties.
  • Shelters are set up at First Methodist and First Baptist Churches in Louisville. The shelter at Nanih Waiya was established for overflow.
  • Supplies of food and water and other necessary materials are coming into the county through the efforts of several organizations and government agencies.
  • If you have supplies that you would like to donate, bring them to the Louisville Coliseum on Ivy Avenue. Needed supplies include towels and bed linens.
  • Financial contributions can be made thru the Winston CommunityDevelopment, Inc. Find more information on the Facebook page "Winston County Tornado Relief"
  • Damage to the Winston Medical Center was extensive. All patients have been moved including nursing home patients. (Some nursing home residents were sheltered temporarily at 1st Methodist but have since been relocated to long term care facilities.
  • A mobile hospital has been set up at Winston Medical and triage will be performed there. Those needing additional medical wil be sent to other area hospitals.
  • There is a curfew due to security issues across Winston County from 8 pm til daybreak. This will continue until otherwise indicated.
  • Power and water have been restored to some areas however many areas may be without utilities for an extended period.
  • Heavy damages were experienced in a large part of the county including some of the following: Plattsburg, Center Ridge, Jordan Circle, Eiland Plaza and along Armstrong, parts of hwy 397, Johnson Avenue, Winston Medical Center, East Main (hy 14e) McCullough Road, Brooksville Rd, Richardson Rd and North Columbus.