Sunday, April 27, 2014

LMSD School Tours Shine a Light on Programs/Progress

Tours were provided of Louisville Municipal School District schools on Wednesday, April 23 for community leaders and civic groups. WinstonWebNews took the opportunity to visit with the staff and teachers of Fair Elementary as a small group toured the halls and classrooms. Visitors were also entertained by "The MelodyMakers" in the school courtyard.

Fair includes kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades comprised of 8-9 classes at each grade level as well as 3 Pre-K classes totalling about 640 students.  Fair's programs include Special Education, Developmentally Delayed classes including 2 kindergarten interventionists, the MelodyMakers, an Accelerated Reading program that includes a vast library program and participation in the TAG program in 2nd grade. The DREAMS program is also on the Fair Campus providing intervention and afterschool programs.

Every hall in the school is decorated with colorful artwork, charts, assignments and incentive boards to motivate the students in their activities. Classrooms include prometheus boards(an interactive whiteboard) and often include ipads as well for teacher use.

Computer use starts early with 2 computer labs on the first grade wing. Some state testing require the use of computers even at an early age.

Principal Leigh Ann Hailey started the tour with a welcome and this statement - "We don't believe we are a good school, we believe we are a great school." Hailey praised the staff and teachers at Fair for their work and embracing the programs.  When asked to describe the biggest challenge or issue facing the school in terms of educating children, Hailey's response was a common one - lack of parental and community involvement.

During the tour, visitors expressed admiration for all the activities and the work done. LMSD Board member Brenda Johnson noted the recent improvements in the school's facilities and programs.

Tours were conducted at all LMSD schools and made available to interested parties, particularly community leaders and civic organizations.