Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Local Dispatchers Recognized for National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week

The week of April 13-19 has been set aside as National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week to
recognize all dispatchers and 911 personnel for the jobs they do. Our local E911 dispatchers serve all of Winston County and Louisville by answering calls for police, sheriff, fire and emergency medical services and dispatching the appropriate assistance as quickly as possible. These telecommunicators are a vital link between citizens in need and emergency services.

They are professionals whose multi-tasking skills behind the scene and often unrecognized actions are responsible for helping protect citizens and property. The dispatchers work to improve the technology and operational capabilities through their leadership and participation in ongoing training programs designed to increase their skills and prepare for 911 calls. They work long hours to make sure the public's needs are met.

Louisville/Winston County Dispatchers include: Vera McCarty- 911 Coordinator, Kayla Rogers, Patricial Dempsey, Felicia Mays, Edy Bradford, Rashonda Dotson, Tracy Grabher.
911 Dispatchers with LPD Chief L. M. Claiborne