Thursday, April 24, 2014

Town Hall Meeting Scheduled for April 29 - Excel by 5

The public is invited to a Town Hall Meeting concerning the EXCEL BY 5 program recently initiated across Winston County. The meeting scheduled for April 29 at 6 PM at the Louisville Elementary School Auditorium is to kick off public support for this early childhood program.

Louisville/Winston County joined the Excel By 5 as a candidate to be considered an Early Childhood Community. The certification by Excel By 5 formally recognizes the community for its progress and support of young children and early childhood development. The project identify scams and community resources, promotes community collaboration, volunteerism, and economic development. The first of its kind, the certification program emphasizes important roles parents and primary caregivers play in educating children during their most formative years (prior to age 5).

Excel By 5 certification requirements are stringent and divided into four groups: Community Involvement; Family and Parent Support; Early Care and Education: and Health. These groups vary according to community size and capacity but the program requires the support not only of schools and child care providers but also business and industry, government officials, local healthcare, parents and grandparents and anyone interested in improving the health and education of children in the community.

The Town Hall Meeting is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend to show their support of the program in the community. If you would like more information on Excel By 5 contact Mr. Steve Eiland at 662 – 773 – 2036 and to find out more about Excel By 5, visit their website at