Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Winston County Supervisors Approve Advertising for Bids for 2014/2015

Winston County Supervisors had a short agenda on Monday as they dealt with County business. The Supervisors first heard from Marion Triplett concerning County support for a grant to provide a possible van or bus to be used for medical transportation of those in need in Winston County. This would be part of an Easy Tag program associated with the Mississippi Department of Transportation and would require 20% matching funds amounting to roughly $20,000. These funds could come from multiple sources across the County.

Supervisors indicated they were not familiar with the program nor did they have information concerning specifics about need and the implementation of the program. The Board took the matter under advisement.

In other business:     
·   Supervisors approved cash in bank report for March 2014.
· Accepted and approved 536 Homestead applications to be sent to the Department of Revenue. These applications were due to name changes, over 65 changes, disability changes, etc.
· Acknowledged training for the County’s election commissioners.
· Acknowledged and imitation for a member of the board to speak at Military of the Purple Heart Conference to be held on June 6 at 2 PM at Lake Tiak O’Khata.
· Tabled agreement on a rule fire protection agreement with Noxapater Volunteer Fire Department until a copy of the previous agreement was made available to the board.
· With some changes, approved an advertisement notice of bids for supplies for the fiscal year 2014/2015. The bid opening was set for June 2, 2014 at 10 AM.
· Approved a demand check for Guardian Ad Litem Caroline Moore for a required training session.
· Approved the purchase of two computers for the Chancery Clerk’s vault to be paid from Youth Court Grant.
· Approved days off for a County employee.
· Issued a board order to amend several budgets for bookkeeping purposes only.
· Heard from Circuit Clerk Kim Ming concerning preparation of polling locations for the upcoming election.
· Acknowledged the receipt of a $300 donation for the drug fund of the Winston County Sheriff’s office by AirCom, LLC.
· Discussed insurance and repair issues related to a Sheriff’s Department vehicle involved in a fender bender.
· Approved expense reimbursement for Keith Alexander for a Fire Investigator Conference.
· Reviewed a proposal to adopt a uniform construction code across the County by August 1. The proposal is not mandatory and found no support among Supervisors. If adopted, the proposal would require a permit system, an inspector and all County construction to meet national code levels.
· Acknowledged a resignation at the Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility and was informed by Warden Neal Higgason that future job postings would be set up through the WIN Job Center.

The Board went into executive session to deal with a personnel issue. The Board’s next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 5.