Wednesday, May 14, 2014


PEARL - Nine Mississippi counties are now eligible for all categories of
Public Assistance, which provides assistance to state, tribal and local
governments, as well as certain non-profit organizations.

Itawamba, Lee, Lowndes, Rankin, Wayne and Winston counties were previously
declared for categories A and B, but have been granted all categories of
Public Assistance. Madison County was declared for categories A and B only.

Jones, Leake and Newton counties have been granted all categories of Public

"Mississippi is already beginning the recovery process following these
devastating storms, and this additional assistance will allow communities to
begin long-term repairs and rebuilding," Gov. Phil Bryant said.

The Public Assistance categories are as follows:

  *   Category A: Debris Removal.
  *   Category B: Emergency Protective Measures.
  *   Category C: Roads and Bridges.
  *   Category D: Water Control Facilities.
  *   Category E: Buildings and Equipment.
  *   Category F: Utilities.
  *   Category G: Parks, Recreational Facilities and Other Items.

The Public Assistance Grant Program through the Federal Emergency Management
Agency is a reimbursement grant program paid to state, tribal and local
governments, and certain non-profit groups. Typically, the federal share is
75 percent, and the remaining non-federal share of 25 percent is shared
between the state and local governments at a rate of 12.5 percent
respectively. Eligible private non-profit groups are responsible for the
full 25 percent.

Following last week's Special Legislative Session, the state was authorized
to pay all of the non-federal cost share (state and local shares) of all
eligible and reasonable costs incurred by local governments for debris
removal in the declared counties. The special session also authorized the
state to provide advances to local governments as they begin to pay for
other authorized recovery costs.