Friday, May 16, 2014

City of Louisville Establishes Rules for Mobile Homes/Travel Trailers/FEMA Housing

The public has had multiple questions about the use of mobile homes and travel trailers for living purposes after the April 28 tornado. WWN asked City of Louisville Building Inspector Jody Fulton for clarification of the current requirements:

No mobile homes will be permitted in the city limits of Louisville. Those that are already located in the city are grandfathered in with their current status and ownership. Mobile homes cannot be brought in for temporary living quarters.

The following is allowed:

Travel trailers/motor homes can be connected to city utilities on your own property for a period of time while a home is under construction or being repaired.

The city will coordinate with FEMA on any temporary housing options made available to property owners

If you have further questions, call Louisville City Hall at 662-773-9201.