Saturday, May 3, 2014

Farm Service Agency Program Updates

Program Information for Farmers Affected by Recent Tornado

 Livestock Indemnity Payments (LIP) - Assistance now available 
LIP provides compensation to eligible livestock producers who have suffered livestock death losses in excess of normal mortality
due to adverse weather.  An eligible livestock owner must have legally owned the eligible livestock on the day the livestock death loss occurred.  Eligible livestock includes cattle, poultry and other commercial livestock.  Documentation of the number and kind of livestock that have died must be presented.  Such documentation includes:
·         Photographs or video records to document the loss, dated if possible
·         Purchase records, veterinarian records, production records, bank or other loan documents
·         Written contracts, records assembled for tax purposes, private insurance documents, and other similar reliable documents.
Call for appointment to complete this program application

Emergency Farm Loans-Assistance now available
Emergency Farm Loans provides Emergency Loan assistance to help farmers who own or operate farms located in a County declared by the President as a primary disaster area.  It also makes this assistance available to farmers in Counties contiguous to those primary counties.  These loans are designed to restore or replace essential property; pay, or assist in payment of production costs associated with the disaster year; pay essential family living expenses; and possible refinance certain debts, excluding real estate debt.

Requested Program Assistance
USDA Farm Service Programs (ECP and (EFRP) and Funds have been requested by the Winston County FSA to provide assistance to local farmers and timberland owners who have property damage due to the April 28, 2014 tornado.
Federal cost share programs concerning the following types of damage have been requested:

·         Debris removal from farmland;
·         Restoring livestock fences, and conservation structures; and
·         Site preparation on Nonindustrial private forest (NIPF)
·         Seedling establishment on NIPF

Signup for these programs will be announced when the county request for funds are approved by USDA FSA at the National Level.


Property inspections will be carried out during the application period to verify losses and restoration of property before payment of FSA cost share funds.

If you have any questions, contact the Winston County FSA Office at 662-773-2207, ext. 2 or come by at 218A South Columbus Avenue, Louisville, MS.

For more information on CRP and other FSA programs, visit a local FSA service center or

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