Friday, May 9, 2014

Legislative Special Session Provides State Funds for Disaster Relief- Covers Louisville/Winston Co Matching Fund Requirements

The special session of the Ms. State Legislature went quickly on Thursday and in the end - $17 million were approved in state disaster assistance. Governor Bryant called the session after last week's deadly outbreak of tornadoes that ripped through several Mississippi counties including Winston.

 The session started at 1:00 pm and finished by 4:00 pm with little debate and the bill passed by unanimous vote. The funds appropriated would cover state disaster costs and in good news for Winston County, the funds would also cover local government's required match of federal spending (12.5%).
These funds would be used for debris cleanup and removal.Without the State's assistance, these costs to the County and City of Louisville would be significant and present likely delays in removal and cleanup.

Local State Senator Giles Ward took to the floor to thank his fellow Legislators -  "As far as what this state can do to help, not only Louisville and Winston County but all the other communities, we've done that here in this chamber today and done it with unanimity. I know we have had a lot of great days in the Mississippi Legislature, but this truly is one of those great days and will be recorded as so."