Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Hospital Could be Set Up as Early as Next Week

A temporary hospital is on its way from North Carolina to Louisville and could be set for operation as early next week The portable structure will help fill the gap after Monday's tornado damaged the Winston Medical Center, the attached nursing home and medical offices.

Officials indicate that the hospital will be set up in the south parking lot area of the Teeters/ECCC Career Advancement Building (known to many of us as the old Spartus Plant)

Local crews have been working to clear and prepare the area for set up.

The facility includes an emergency room, surgery unit, inpatient beds, an X-ray machine and a lab. FEMA is paying for the cost of the facility at this time.

Until the hospital is ready for operation, the mobile hospital that has been in the Wal Mart parking lot will continue to serve the community from its new location in the north parking lot of the Teeters property on S. Church.