Saturday, May 3, 2014

Relief Updates for Louisville and Winston Co. _ Info You Need To Know!!

We are providing a quick rundown of updated information as of 6 pm on Saturday- May 3:

New Hospital is arriving and could be in operation as early as next week - see our previous article. The UMC mobile hospital has moved to the north parking lot of the Teeters Bldg (Spartus). 911 is operational and Doctors have moved either to Main Street Medical or the Noxapater Clinic.

***UPDATE: Louisville Medical Associates are establishing 2 clinics in Louisville. The Clinic at404 W. Main should be open sometime Monday (Old Pearson Dental Clinic) and the 2nd clinic will be located at 547 East Main (Dr. Crawford's old clinic) and could be open by Wednesday..

The Land Fill will be open from this point forward from 7:00 am til 5:00 pm - 7 days per week. This includes tomorrow (Sunday)

There is still a 9:00 pm til 6:00 am curfew in the County and in the City in the storm affected areas. Other areas are not a problem but if you don't live in the affected areas and they are not part of your drive home - stay away!! These areas are heavily patrolled and you will be questioned. We know of at least two separate arrests for looting. This is a felony and could easily entail jail time!!

A Burn Ban is STILL IN EFFECT. Rumors have circulated that the ban has been lifted- THIS IS NOT TRUE. Always verify with local media or officials. Fire trucks have had to be dispatched on Saturday. With the amount of debris and the current winds and dying foilage- this is a dangerous situation!!

Community Counseling is offering free crisis counseling services for anyone in need. They are located on West Main St. or call 1-888-943-3022.

Storm victims and volunteers for Winston County may now receive a free tetanus vaccine at the Winston County Health Department. A nurse will be available to give these shots from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. The phone number is 662-773-8087 for more information.
Property owners who have begun debris cleanup - please be careful in the placement of your debris piles - do not place directly in the path of powerlines to be replaced. This will only slow the process of restoring power to your property and others.

A household hazardous waste collection site will be available on May 7 -10 on Pontotoc St. (old armory building) - View our previous article for details and definitions. Flyers will be posted in the next couple of days.

Please separate your debris into categories as indicated in a previous article on Winston Web (scroll thru our list of info) 1.Green debris (trees and foilage) 2. Construction debris 3. White debris(appliances and most metals) 4. household hazardous material

If You must dig on your property - Call 811 prior to doing so in order not to damage any underground lines (water, Cable, Etc.)

A Boil Water Notice is still in effect and likely will be for a period of time for Louisville, North Louisville, Liberty -Platsburg, Flower Ridge. Others may also be under boil water and not had the ability to contact us - if in doubt - BOIL IT!!

Safety First!! Workers near roads should wear safety vests, - all should wear long pants, hard sole shoes, gloves and hats and safety goggfles if available. Take plenty of breaks and hydrate!!

If you are searching for someone you haven't seen or need to report a missing person - call -662-803-9991.

If you suspect a scam from a contractor or offer for cleanup - contact City Hall or the Ms Attorney General's Office at 601-359-3808.

Be certain to put food waste (Cleaning out fridges and freezers) in carts. If you lost your solid waste cart in the storm- call city hall and they will arrange for a replacement.

IT is CRUCIAL that volunteers sign in at the Louisville Coliseum. We understand that everyone wants to help and sometimes a specific neighbor or friend, but signing in and providing work information allows local officials to document volunteer work hours which can lead to major compensation to the City and County from FEMA.

Do not rely on other sources such as personal social media or unofficial Facebook sites. While well meaning, information provided here is often inaccurate. Follow us here on Winston WebNews, WLSM 107.1 radio or the Winston County Journal's social media accounts. While info is often changing and we do occasionally make mistakes- these are the best sources for information. If in doubt, contact the proper department of local government or use the call center at 662-803-5295 or 662-803-5288.

Donations and volunteers are still needed at the Louisville Coliseum. Use the above #'s if you have questions. There are other centers set up at Center Ridge and Noxapater and Mars Hill Fire department.

FEMA: Fema is in town - and operational - located at 826 S. Church in Louisville (old Georgia Pacific Office). The FEMA# to file a claim is
1-800-621-3362. You may also file online at:
Use the region code # 4175DR when referencing your claim. You will be given a claim # - Very important to not lose this - write it down and keep in a safe place  and memorize it..

 Farm Services will have programs for Livestock Indemnity payments, emergency farm loans, and other assistance programs - info on this will be posted on Winston Web shortly.

You can donate to the Winston Relief fund by mail thru Renasant Bank and now online through the website  Links to the site can be found on our homepage, and the home pages of the City of louisville and Winston County websites. If your company or organization would like the graphic for the link, just email us at  Full info is available in a previous article on our site.

Everyone stay safe out there. It's been amazing to watch the cooperation and the volunteerism. Let's keep it up and be WINSTONSTRONG!!

w mccully