Monday, May 12, 2014

Supervisors Get Ready to Request Bids for Debris Removal

Winston County Supervisors are meeting this morning to discuss and approve a request for bids for debris removal and monitoring and other emergency issues related to the April 28 tornado damage.

Under the current state of emergency declaration, the county can speed up the bidding process and accept bids proposals within 5 days of the request.

In this morning's meeting, Supervisors also discussed  the establishment of debris hauling routes to the Winston County Landfill that will produce the least amount of damage and traffic conflicts. Tentative routes include using the Hwy 25 corridor for most of the county hauling and allowing the City of Louisville access through Ivy Avenue.

Supervisors and department heads were briefed on purchase requirements of emergency supplies and needs to make these costs reimbursable to the county from state and federal sources.

Supervisors also learned that damages to county roads caused by the heavy truck traffic of debris removal will be reimbursable as well as long as the conditions of the roads can be documented prior to the removal process.

We will have more later today.